Santa Cruz singer Archie Cruz has recorded album worth of songs & looking to assemble “sickest” line-up

Santa Cruz frontman Archie Cruz has recorded album worth of songs & looking to assemble “sickest” line-up

It appears that Santa Cruz featuring frontman Archie Cruz are poised to release a new album again. Earlier this year, Santa Cruz released videos for the singles “Moonchild” and “Crossfire” but there has been no additional material released since July 2021.

The following message was posted by Archie Cruz on Santa Cruz‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Okay, a long post to follow: Last Summer I was pretty much at Wit’s End with my career. My latest songs hadn’t taken off as well as I had hoped for, and instead pretty much all I was getting in Finland was bad press and my career & life certainly wasn’t headed to the direction I had visualised it would. I got offered a ton of Television work after doing Survivor, but decided to respectfully decline because being a a Reality TV star wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I first picked up the guitar, however fun those might have been. I decided to go back to my roots. To find the flame that had gotten me in to this business in the first place. I had no band, no management, no nothing. All the producers I had recently worked with were either in the US, Sweden or somewhere else. All I had was my guitar (okay, a lot of guitars) and an iPhone full of riffs, ideas & melodies.

I decided I would write about looking for somebody to work with on social media, and lo & behold, a young gun from Sonic Pump Studios Helsinki, Otto Halonen answered my call. In August we started bouncing ideas and recording demos and man did we click. Today I’m proud to say we have an album full of sick tunes in my hands, mixed & mastered at Chartmakers West all written by me. No co-writers, no authorities pushing their opinion on me. What really makes me extra proud too is that I played all the instruments myself. I’d like to think that these tracks capture the essence of who I am as a musician, even a human being, and I truly hope it resonates with people. Where there is a will, there will always be a way. Now the time has come to assemble the sickest line-up known to man, a team & land a worthy record deal, and when the time’s right tour the world and once and for all show the world who the real MVP is. Not to brag but it’s time. LFG – A xxx #CRUZ5″

Santa Cruz‘s “Moonchild” video: