Santa Cruz release lyric video for third preview track “Into The War” from upcoming new album

Santa Cruz release lyric video for third preview track “Into The War” from upcoming new album

Finnish rockers Santa Cruz consisting of frontman Archie Cruz and new band members — lead guitarist Pavel Cruz, drummer Toxy Cruz and bassist Ero Cruz — have released a lyric video for their third preview track “Into The War” from their cupping new studio album Katharsis.

Sleaze Roxx‘s last review of a Santa Cruz album dates back to the band’s self-titled record released back in March 2015 to which Sleaze Roxx opined:

“After naming Screaming For Adrenaline 2013’s Sleaze Roxx album of the year, expectations for Santa Cruz‘ sophomore effort were exceptionally high. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the follow-up to end up like this — at times an unrelenting evolution, but all too often a colossal disappointment. When press releases stated the Finnish group were distancing themselves from the glam metal approach of their past, I didn’t realize how far they were willing to remove themselves from their previous sound.

There were a few times when Santa Cruz reminded me of the progression Skid Row made between their debut and the much heavier Slave To The Grind. However I quickly realized those similarities were in the minority and instead I was listening to a group that was willing to completely alter their sound in an effort to appeal to a modern rock audience that would probably never embrace them. To tell you the truth, by the time I got to the second half of this album I was feeling annoyed, pissed off and betrayed.”

Santa Cruz‘s “Into The War” lyric video:

SANTA CRUZ – Into the War (Official Lyric Video)

The third preview track from the Helsinki Hellraisers’ new album, “Katharsis,” which will be released Oct. 18. Pre-order it here:…