Santa Cruz release video for new single “Moonchild”

Santa Cruz release video for new single “Moonchild”

Santa Cruz consisting of frontman Archie Cruz and drummer Toxi Cruz have released a video for their new single “Moonchild” which seems to have more ’70s influences than prior material.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Santa Cruz‘s last studio album Katharsis:

“This begs the question, what the hell happened to Santa Cruz? As far as I know, there has not been a single word about the falling out from Johnny, Middy, or Taz. Where are these guys? To be clear, Archie did not fire them. They kicked him off the bus mid-tour. I credit him for picking up whatever pieces he could and forging on musically and doing his thing, but there are so many questions. Where are they? Do they lay some claim to the band and the same? Is that why their cool logo is nowhere to be found? One thing is for certain, the three missing ingredients are sorely missed. The rhythm section of Taz and Middy Cruz was killer! There’s seemingly no rhythm section to be found on the new record. Similarly, the fantastic guitar work of Johnny Cruz is missing.

I don’t know if I gave Archie himself too much credit within the Santa Cruz camp, but I now know without a doubt that the other three guys played a massive role in the music that the band produced and the new band does not even come remotely close to filling their shoes. As of late, I have found myself reverting back to listening to the original three albums and when compared to them, Katharsis is terrible. Do your thing Archie. More power to you, but Johnny, Middy, Taz… where are you guys? Are you still together? Are you making music? Do you lay a claim to the name Santa Cruz? Are you auditioning singers? Your fans want to know.”

Santa Cruz‘s “Moonchild” video: