Santa Cruz singer Archie Cruz takes first vocal lesson with coach who has worked with Axl Rose

Santa Cruz singer Archie Cruz takes first vocal lesson with coach who has worked with Axl Rose

Following the demise of sleaze rockers Santa Cruz¬†as they were known, lead vocalist Archie Cruz is rebuilding the band and apparently working on improving his singing as he has reportedly taken his first vocal session with renowned vocal coach Ron Anderson who has worked in the past with high profile artists such as Guns N’ Roses‘ frontman Axl Rose and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.

The following was posted on The New Wave of Hair Metal‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“In a weekly Archie Cruz update, he just took his first vocal lesson with the legendary vocal coach Ron Anderson through Skype. Ron has worked with some high caliber stars such as Axl Rose, Anthony Keidis, Adam Levine, and countless others. Archie said in his post that he “never really considered himself a singer, just an axe-slinger and a performer who happened to yell at the mic”. He said that he’s really stoked to get his voice and technique to the next level.

It’s good to see that he’s focussed and determined to get new material out there. My only wish is that he gives me at least ONE high pitched scream. I still feel burned that he didn’t scream at all on the last album. It didn’t sound right to me. Sorry, but when I think of Archie Cruz I think of a wild & energetic blonde haired dude rippin’ up the fretboard of his Gibson and screaming his ass off. Oh, and saying the word “fuck” a lot. I don’t know? That’s Archie Cruz to me, lol.

The wait continues. Give Archie credit. He definitely keeps you guessing on what he’ll do next. Nobody can predict it.”

Santa Cruz‘s “Young Blood Rising” video:

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