Sass Jordan Posts Video For First Single Off ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’


November 15, 2009

Canadian vocalist Sass Jordan has released a video for the song “Why Did You”, the first single from her new album ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’. The new album hit stores on September 15th and can be heard at Sass Jordan is best know for her work on the TV show Canadian Idol and as the singer who almost replaced Sammy Hagar in Van Halen.

Sass Jordan’s latest CD, entitled “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn”, was written and recorded from July through October 2008, and features songs and sounds that reflect the atmosphere of the late 70’s Southern California scene. ‘I started out singing in Westmount Park, with my friends and a couple of acoustic guitars … passersby would stop and listen for a while, as we honed our skills in public’, says Sass. “Naturally, this type of vocal harmony and melodic sensibility is now a staple in my repertoire, and one I had a blast revisiting on this current recording”.

Joining Sass on the CD is Derek Sharp, who also co-wrote, sang, produced and played multiple instruments, Peter Cardinali on bass guitar, Jorn Anderson on drums and percussion, Gary Breit on keyboards, Michael Borkosky on guitars and co-arrangements, and lastly, Chris Caddell on guitar.

“The title of the CD comes from me wanting to write about that time of day when things are most uncertain, in a state of potentiality, right before the night manifests, with all it’s accompanying fear, passion, quiet, loneliness, dread, and dreams… It’s the time we seem to be the most vulnerable emotionally, and as an artist, that time is very interesting to explore.”

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