Satchel’s goal for songwriting was to write dirtiest lyrics and see 19 year old girl in crowd singing the lyrics

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Satchel’s goal for songwriting was to write dirtiest lyrics and see 19 year old girl in crowd singing the lyrics

Steel Panther guitarist Satchel was recently interviewed at at Rock City Guitar clinic and spoke about songwriting. Satchel is known as the main songwriter for Steel Panther.

Satchel stated (as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

“But yes, the songwriting is a craft. I wonder and I worry about the future of songwriting. Like, what’s gonna happen? Are people just gonna say, ‘Fuck this, I’m gonna go make an app and become a millionaire.’?

“But the songwriting is like my favorite thing to do. Once I realized I was never gonna be Paul Gilbert on the guitar, I was like, ‘Shit, I’m just gonna write as many good songs that I can.’

“And fortunately for me, like, even Steel Panther started as a cover band. And we found that we had this fucking amazing chemistry as a group of guys. And when you’re a musician and you practice, you can practice your balls off for a decade and become really, really good at your instrument and then have no vehicle to do anything with it.

“You can even become a great songwriter and nobody’s gonna listen to you. But, if you can find a group of dudes that has chemistry… That’s like the thing. And if you can find that, it’s really important to nurture it and keep that band.

“Tell me, how many bands do we all know, you can find this band and go ‘God, it’s my fuckin’ favorite band!Wait, they broke up? What?’ Your favorite band breaks up and… I mean, Ratt is on tour with like one original guy or something. I can’t go see that. I wanna see like, the band that I love. So it’s very hard to keep your band together because there’s a lot of shit that happens.

“Right now, our fuckin’ bass player is in sex rehab. So that’s shit that happens, but if you can find a group of guys that you enjoy playing with, that you have chemistry with…

“For us, that’s what it was. I was already a songwriter and I really wanted to find this band that was really like, ‘Oh man, we’re packing venues out just doing cover songs and doing them well.

“It was like, ‘Shit, if I could write some awesome songs for this band, it could be really good. That’s sort of how Steel Panther came about, started releasing records. And now it’s really fun because we go out and…

“My goal was always if I could just write the dirtiest fucking lyrics in the world and go out and watch like, a 19-year-old girl sings all those lyrics back to me – that to me is a definition of success. And it happens now, it’s really fuckin’ cool.

“Still don’t make money out of it, but it’s pretty cool.”

You can read the rest of the transcribed excerpts from the interview with Satchel at Ultimate Guitar or listen to the interview by Rock City Guitar clinic below:

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