‘Save Toronto Music Venues’ raising funds to keep Toronto, Ontario, Canada music venues alive

‘Save Toronto Music Venues’ raising funds to keep Toronto, Ontario, Canada music venues alive

It is no secret that the ongoing Covid pandemic has caused havoc on businesses throughout the world including music venues. Save Toronto Music Venues is an organization spearheaded by Ashley Cachia and Kyla Konopka to help raise funds in order to support and keep music venues in Toronto, Ontario, Canada alive during these tough times. The city of Toronto is where Sleaze Roxx‘s headquarters are currently based.

Save Toronto Music Venues‘ press release indicates:

“There is no doubt that the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions have been tough on small businesses, with the live entertainment sector taking one of the largest hits. Many of our favourite venues for live music and shows have been forced to close their doors permanently, with those who remain left struggling to stay afloat. It is apparent, more than ever, that there is a desperate need for resources if we are to keep music alive in Toronto. Fortunately, with the help of Save Toronto Music Venues (STMV), there may still be a future for local venues and artists.

STMV is a local grassroots organization created amidst the pandemic to raise funds in support of Toronto’s live music venues. To date, STMV has helped countless venues by raising awareness through social media, selling art & merch on behalf of the venues and running a go-fund-me campaign. With the help of local musicians and bands, STMV founders Ashley Cachia and Kyla Konopka have also succeeded in raising funds for venues by hosting benefit concerts and selling compilation CDs, featuring local artists.

“As a result of their efforts, Cachia and Konopka have fostered a community that has connected artists and venues”, says The Spill Magazine. “If anything is clear, Save Toronto Music Venues has only begun to flourish within the confines of the pandemic and will only grow as lockdowns lift and shows return.”

Throughout the pandemic, STMV has stood dutifully beside the venues that house our music community. But with the latest restrictions, it will be hard for them to do it alone. They have released the following video in search of donations from the community, to help them support venues that are struggling through this phase of the pandemic.

To get involved or to do your part in supporting Toronto music venues, you can purchase merch, CDs, tickets and more, or even donate directly to STMV, all at www.savetorontomusicvenues.com. For more information on Save Toronto Music Venues, please visit them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

For more information and other media inquiries, please contact:

Kyla Konopka
E: communications@savetorontomusicvenues.com
P: 416-878-9253″

Save Toronto Music Venues‘ “A Word From The Community” video: