Saxon frontman Biff Byford states that not dying last September was a high point in his career

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Saxon frontman Biff Byford states that not dying last September was a high point in his career

Saxon frontman Biff Byford was recently interviewed by UK’s eonmusic to promote his upcoming debut solo album School of Hard Knocks, which comes out on February 21, 2020.

Back in mid-September 2019, Byford revealed that he had been diagnosed with a heart condition that required immediate surgery.

Byford was asked if there is anything that leaps to mind as some of the high points when he looks back at his career to which he replied: “Well, not dying last September was a good one. Yeah, we’ve had some ups and downs, some highs and lows, but we’re still on highs; at the moment we’ve sold out Hammersmith, and the Manchester Apollo, so we’re on a bit of a high at the moment, really. At the moment, I think a lot of people have come back to love Saxon again, and I think we’ve got a lot of new fans as well, so we’re very lucky at the moment. We’re as strong now as we’ve been in the last twenty-five / thirty years.”

In terms of Saxon‘s plans for 2020 and 2021, Byford indicated: “Well, we’re doing a lot of festivals this year, and we’ve had some big things offered for next year. I think the new album will be out next year to coincide with the tour. We’ve been offered something quite special; I can’t tell you about it, but we might be going out with some other bands next year. Yeah, that will be happening, I think, so keep your eyes peeled!”

With respect to the status of Saxon‘s next studio album, Byford stated: “Yeah, we’ve done the drums and the guitars and bass. They’re just waiting for me to get back on form to do the vocals, really. I haven’t written the lyrics yet, but they don’t know that, so keep that quiet. So yeah, we’re going to get these shows out of the way first, and then we’ll start working on the next Saxon album with a full vengeance, really.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Biff Byford at eonmusic‘s website.

Biff Byford‘s “Me And You” video (from upcoming School of Hard Knocks album):

Biff Byford – Me And You (Official Video)

“Me and You” is the 3rd single from Biff Byford’s first solo album “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS”, which is out now – get you copy here:…