School Banned Ozzy Osbourne Over Farts

School Banned Ozzy Osbourne Over Farts

September 29, 2010

Hell-raising rocker Ozzy Osbourne was once banned from his daughter Kelly’s school in England after farting and falling asleep in the middle of a parent/teacher interview.

The reality TV star was horrified when her dad decided to join mom Sharon for a meeting with school officials about her grades – because the rocker is known for passing gas and dozing off in public.

And his smelly habit got him banned from the school for good.

She remembers, “In England, my dad was banned from my school because he fell asleep at the parent teacher conference (and) because he has this thing where he doesn’t realize, farting in public is usually not acceptable.

“It was me, my mom, my dad, my teacher at the table. All he kept doing is lifting his (butt) cheek (from the chair), and then he fell asleep!”

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