Scorpions Foresee Fantastic Future Following Farewell

Scorpions Foresee Fantastic Future Following Farewell

January 28, 2010

Gary Graff of reports: Despite Scorpions’ recent farewell announcement, guitarist Rudolf Schenker says the German hard rockers “will never be done.”

“This history of the band is so amazing. We have so much film in our library and other things which will keep coming out,” Schenker, who founded Scorpions in 1965 and shepherded the band to worldwide sales of more than 100 million albums, tells He says the group’s treasure trove includes footage from early concerts in Germany and Japan, from the 1983 US Festival, from the Scorps’ commercial zenith in 1988 and from the band’s 2002 tour of Russia.

First priority, of course, is putting out the final Scorpions studio album, “Sting in the Tail,” on March 23, then commencing a two-year, five-continent world tour on March 15 in Prague, with North American dates planned for June-September. The tour will also be filmed and recorded for potential future release.

“We will sit together after we take a vacation and make a list and then come out with different (releases),” Schenker says. “We`ll make a plan and then come out year by year with some surprise kind of stuff.”

Schenker says the prospect of ending Scorpions is indeed “really sad, and I don’t even want to think about it.” But explains that band and management ultimately feel it’s the right move to end the band on a high note with “Sting in the Tail” — which he says “brings us back full circle to the sound we had in the 80s” — rather than risk a slow decline.

“You can’t think about Scorpions at 70, not moving on stage, playing ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ — but on stage it’s not like a hurricane, it’s a very small wind,” he says. “There’s no stinger, and that’s not good. You’re going back down hill, from big hall to small how, small how to club…Everything has it’s end; the question is it a good end or bad end? In this case we want to do these things and make it a good end.”

Schenker says the current group members are looking towards a non-Scorpions future as well. Guitarist Matthias Jabs has a musical instruments store in Munich, while drummer James Kottak has his own band. Schenker himself is looking towards publishing his book, “Rock You Live,” in the U.S. and plans a collaboration with his brother and former Scorpions bandmate Michael Schenker — which may include Scorps’ singer Klaus Meine on some songs.

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