Scorpions ‘Rock N Roll Forever’ Book Now Available

Scorpions ‘Rock N Roll Forever’ Book Now Available

May 15, 2010

Scorpions Rock N Roll Forever Book Now AvailableStar photographer Marc Theis accompanied the Scorpions on their worldtour between 2007 and 2009.

He managed to capture the unvarnished atmosphere of a world famous rock band on tour, taking the reader on a visual ride with the Scorpions. His impressive black and white pictures transmit the power and the dedicated hard work of one of the most successful rock bands worldwide. A lyrics collection from 40 years of Scorpions and texts written by bestseller author Peter Lanz complete this powerful photo album, a must for every rockfan. Rock ‘n’ Roll forever!

From the stage set up in cold and empty arenas to electrifying moments of the concert and the close communication with the audience to private moments of exhaustion and celebration – Marc Theis paints a pure picture of a rock band with a passion for the non-glamorous and the authentic.

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