Scott Leifer & Jeff Pongo release new single “The Time Is Now” featuring Jeff Scott Soto on vocals

Scott Leifer & Jeff Pongo release new single “The Time Is Now” featuring Jeff Scott Soto on vocals

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Dreams can come true. Following a Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp last year, two individuals were able to get the one and only Jeff Scott Soto (Sons of Apollo, W.E.T, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ex-Journey) to perform the vocals on some of the songs that they had written. The music for the track “The Time Is Now” is handled by Jeff Pongo and the drums were performed by Marc Sherman. The song was written by Pongo and Scott Leifer.

The following message was posted in part on Soto‘s Facebook page on April 10, 2023:

“The 2nd song/video here for you, let me detail for ya.

One of the great things about the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is the relationships I build with the campers after and outside the camp. This is one such case here…

I met a gentleman named Scott at the Vegas camp who approached me on the side to possibly do a session with/for him and his buddy Jeff (yes, you can say it now, Jeff & Scott, how could I not?). This is the result of said song completely written by them and featuring me on vocals.

To make it better, they hired my video buddy Boris Mauna Ojeda in Chile to make the lyric video which I am sharing with you here, I hope you enjoy what Jeff & Scott created for me to sing on for them!”

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx, Leifer stated: “I met Jeff Scott Soto at Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Vegas last year (I was a first time camper and he was a counselor).  We had some great chats and he graciously agreed to lend his vocal powers to a few songs written by me and my friend Pongo.  This first one (“The Time Is Now”) was originally written in the (then) far-fetched hopes that Jeff would one day sing it. Well, dreams do come true, and his STELLAR vocals take this one to a whole new dimension.”

Scott Leifer & Jeff Pongo‘s “The Time Is Now” lyric video feat. Jeff Scott Soto: