Scott Leifer Records Powerful Jani Lane Tribute

Scott Leifer Records Powerful Jani Lane Tribute

December 18, 2011

Scott Leifer, a lyricist and songwriter based in the Boston area, has released a tribute to Jani Lane called “What Everybody Wants To Hear”. Written by Leifer and Jeff Pongonis, the track features Lee Surrette on vocals.

Leifer tells Sleaze Roxx, “It’s a tribute to Jani Lane, but is somewhat different than my Ronnie James Dio tribute from last year and some of the other tributes to Jani. This one is a little darker and more complex and was actually inspired by Jani’s last appearance on That Metal Show shortly before his death. At first glance, I thought he looked and sounded great, but looking deeper there was a hint that he was still very fragile inside. The song has tons of references to Jani’s songs, both Warrant hits and more obscure tracks, especially in the bridge.”

Scott Leifer’s been writing songs for over two decades and his songs have appeared on releases from several area bands. Scott recently recorded his first full length CD, entitled ‘Letters Unread’ (available on iTunes), at Guilty Dog Studio in Hanson, MA.

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Jeff Pongonis is a guitarist and songwriter for The Something, and produces music at Sonic Provocateur Studios in Taunton, MA. He has also been in several MA-based bands including God Fearing Man, Planet Envy, and Punch Monkey. Lee Surrette is a vocalist, guitarist, and Berkley alum who has been in Planet Envy, Thunderbox, and other notable MA-based bands.

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