Sea Hags ‘Live At CD Studios 1987’ Now Available

Sea Hags ‘Live At CD Studios 1987’ Now Available

April 13, 2010

Sea Hags 'Live At CD Studios 1987' Now AvailableThe legendary Sea Hags recorded a party at CD Studios, with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett as part of the proceedings, months before they signed with Chrysalis for their major label debut. The lost Sea Hags 1987 recording has now been mastered as ‘Live At CD Studios 1987’ and is available as a digital download at both and

Re-mixed and re-mastered under the guidance of Grammy award winning recording engineer Leslie Ann Jones and engineered by Dann Thompson at Skywalker Sound, these rare and never before released recordings are now available worldwide via CD Presents.

Live At CD Studios 1987 track listing:
01. Ridin’ Out
02. Doghouse
03. Back to the Grind
04. Think About It
05. Chicken Boys
06. Hammer in the Bay
07. Hunting for Dad
08. Happy Hours with You (Take 1)
09. Happy Hours with You (Take 2)
10. Dead and Gone (Take 1)
11. Dead and Gone (Take 2)
12. Love Kills
13. I’m in the Mood for Love
14. King Bee Blues
15. Dead and Gone (Take 3)
16. Chicken Boys (Take 2)
17. Bunk Bed Creek

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