Seann Nicols wins copyright dispute over Frankie Banali and Neil Citron for “Road Rage” song

Seann Nicols wins copyright dispute over Frankie Banali and Neil Citron for “Road Rage” song

Former Quiet Riot singer Seann Nicols has won a copyright dispute over Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali and ex-Quiet Riot guitarist Neil Citron over the use of his version of the new song “Road Rage.”

The following message was posted on Nicols‘ Facebook page today:

“The Seann Nicols Road Rage lyric video on YouTube is live again. This is a well deserved victory after Frankie Banali and Neil Citron issued false DMCA copyright takedown notices on iTunes, YouTube, and Tunecore in an attempt to thwart my efforts to release my work without their involvement. Over the last two weeks, my attorney had words with their attorney regarding the copyrights of Road Rage, and Banali and Citron finally conceded that they never disputed the fact that I am the copyright owner of the songs I wrote for the Road Rage album. This written admission is evidence that Banali and Citron lied under penalty of perjury to have my original version of Road Rage wrongfully suspended and taken down on YouTube, iTunes, and Tunecore. Thankfully I am surrounded by a great team of legal and business professionals that are more than up to the task of helping me combat Banali and Citron‘s unethical business tactics. I also am thankful for my business education, which has been an invaluable tool for strategizing my approach to handling this situation. I would especially like to thank my family, friends, and fans that have supported me to move forward with my career. Please continue to show your support by viewing and sharing the Road Rage lyric video. Thank you!!

Seann Nicols

Back in early October 2016, Quiet Riot announced that Nicols would be replacing Jizzy Pearl as their lead vocalist starting in 2017. Quiet Riot with Nicols recorded a new studio album entitled Road Rage, which was scheduled for release via Frontiers Music Srl in April 2017. The group even released a song entitled “The Seeker” with Nicols on lead vocals, which has since been pulled from YouTube. That same day, news started to leak that Quiet Riot had replaced Nicols with American Idol finalist James Durbin. The latter was subsequently confirmed as Quiet Riot‘s new singer and the band decided to delay the release of its new album Road Rage so that Durbin could lay down his vocals on the album instead of Nicols. In a weird twist of fate, Bobby Blotzer‘s version of Ratt announced Nicols as the band’s new singer in early March 2017.

Nicols eventually released his own version of the song “Road Rage” with Quiet Riot‘s version of the track apparently slated to appear on their upcoming studio album with Durbin on lead vocals and which is scheduled for release sometime this summer.

Sean Nicols‘ “Road Rage” song:

Seann Nicols – Road Rage (Official Lyric Video)