Sebastian Bach advises that the Skid Row members don’t want to deal with his “lifetime” manager

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Sebastian Bach advises that the Skid Row members don’t want to deal with his “lifetime” manager

Former Skid Row lead vocalist Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by RollingStone and was asked how come a Skid Row classic line-up reunion with his former bandmates, Dave “Snake” Sabo (guitar) and Rachel Bolan (bass), has not been possible so far.

In terms of what it would take for a reunion to happen, Bach opined: “It would take those guys to realize that I have a lifetime manager. His name is Rick Sales. I’ve been with him since 2006. They don’t want to deal with a guy like that. They want to give some singer who doesn’t have a manager $700 to $800 bucks a week. I’ve got a team that’s worked with me and don’t allow me to get fucked around. I didn’t have that team when I was 19 years old.”

RollingStone added the following Editor’s Note: “In response to Bach’s statements about the earnings of Skid Row’s singer, Sabo writes: “I guess fact-checking isn’t in his skill set. … The five of us go on that stage as a band and we all get paid equally. We’re in this together. There’s no egos.””

With respect to Bach‘s lone co-writing credit (for the song “Makin’ A Mess”) on Skid Row‘s self-titled debut album, Bach advised: “You have to understand, I was maybe 18, 19 years old. There were a million bands. Very few of them actually made it. I had no clue when I was, say, rewriting the melody line of “18 and Life” — I had no concept of what that meant down the line. I mean, I learned later on in life. But I didn’t know, man … I was just a kid. The rest of the band members were four years older, at least, and I just didn’t understand what I was getting myself into. Which was also evident by my behavior at the time.

The irony is we always got into fights about business. So I made a decision that I’m never talking business with any guys in any of my bands ever again. But [the members of Skid Row] won’t even deal with [my manager]. And I’m not leaving Rick. So if anybody wants to talk to me, they got to talk to him. If everybody wants to come to the table and talk business, we’re ready to do it. But they don’t like me.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Sebastian Bach at RollingStone‘s website.