Sebastian Bach Down With Axl Rose


October 25, 2007

One of Rock N Roll’s most legendary lead vocalists, Sebastian Bach, is getting ready to release his first solo album in 8 years ‘Angel Down’ and the album is the first release off of his own label, Get Off My Bach Productions which is a subsidiary of EMI. ‘Angel Down,’ which was produced by Roy Z (Bruce Dickenson, Judas Priest), also features Axl Rose who lends his vocal talents to the project. The collaboration between Bach and Rose, who are old friends dating back to when Bach and his former band Skid Row opened up for Guns N Roses on their Use Your Illusion Tour, began after Bach helped Rose on his highly anticipated upcoming Guns N Roses release ‘Chinese Democracy.’ Axl Rose actually contributes vocals to three tracks on ‘Angel Down’ but most notable perhaps is a rendition of Aerosmith’s ‘Back in the Saddle.’

We caught up with Sebastian Bach to find out how surprised he was to get a text message from Axl Rose saying he would sing on ‘Angel Down.’

“So then I got this record deal and came out to finish my record a couple of months ago. And I just texted Axl at LAX just walking around baggage claim and I go ‘Hey, when are you going to sing on my record.’ Like some snotty nose kid, totally joking around. Then one word comes on my phone, ‘When.’ I go ‘Get the…’ I just remember stopping dead in my tracks and going ‘No, no he’s not going to sing on my album, there’s no way. And I go ‘We’re in the studio Monday, 1 till 5 in the morning’ and he goes ‘ What’s the address.’ He doesn’t let me down man and he doesn’t mess around. He’s very direct and he’s very intense and he doesn’t say anything he doesn’t mean.”

Bach even admitted how happy he was to have his old friend Axl on the project and he even considers Axl one of his closest friends in the music industry and thankful for all the help he’s given him in the past.

“And he sang three songs. He sang ‘Back in the Saddle,’ ‘Love is a Bitch Slap’ and ‘Stuck Inside.’ I’m so happy with the record and to have him on it as well is just mind blowing. I could not thank him enough. He’s helped me more than anybody else in Rock, he’s helped me. With touring and back in Skid Row, we opened the Use Your Illusion Tour and that’s the way he is. He just helps out. He helps me out.”

‘Angel Down’ is Sebastian Bach’s first solo album in since ‘Bach 2 Basics’ and the album took a little longer than expected since Bach’s original record label went under during the recording process. We also spoke with Sebastian about the recording process of ‘Angel Down’ taking a little longer than originally planned.

“You can say it was a bit of a hard road only in the respect that I paid for a lot of it out of my own pocket. Which a lot of musicians don’t do. I was on a label that went out of business before my record was done. And they owed me and we had a contract and they didn’t give me half the money. So, I paid for it myself because I believed in it. I finished it, ninety percent and then I sent it to Jason Flom, who’s the guy that signed me in Skid Row in 1987 and he fell in love especially with the song ‘By Your Side’ was the one he really liked. Then I got a record deal. I got my own deal with my own label, through EMI and I’m a very lucky guy. Jason came through again for me.”

After coming close to winning the latest hit reality show ‘Celebrity Rap Superstar,’ Bach will look to release the album on November 20th. In a move of pure promoting ingenuity, Bach even had a chance to perform his song ‘November 20’ on the show and on MTV’s TRL as well in a move that only builds to the excitement and anticipation his fans are feeling about ‘Angel Down.’ After touring this summer with Guns N Roses, Sebastian Bach will look to finally have a break in his extremely busy schedule as he looks to put together a tour in 2008 in support of ‘Angel Down.’

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