Sebastian Bach Exclusive Columbia Tour Video Posted Online

Sebastian Bach Exclusive Columbia Tour Video Posted Online

March 29, 2010

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has issued the following update and video footage of his new band opening for Guns N’ Roses in South America.

“Something fascinating is going on in rock. Just as rock is ceasing to exist in cetain formats, ie the CD, rock video, rock radio & magazines all but disappearing, Rock N’ Roll itself is growing exponentially in other areas; for this band, playing live concerts is becoming an overwhelming , incredible, mind blowing situation that is making all of our dreams come true.

I am talking about the tour we are on right now, with Guns N’ Roses in South America. In all my 25 years of touring , this tour ranks right up there with the biggest & best tours I have ever been a part of, or seen other bands do . The amount of people we are playing to each night is simply staggering. No show has had less than 35,000 people in attendance, & we have played to crowds of over 60,000 people a night in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, & Lima as well. The other shows have averaged around 45,000 tickets sold each night. The reception of the crowds has been the most insane, loud, passionate display of love for Rock N’ Roll I have been a part of in my whole life.

Ever since I posted about the Sao Paulo show it seems like each subsequent crowd has been out to prove that they are the most kick-ass rock crowd on the planet! Porto Alegre was the next show after Sao Paulo & was off the chain. It was the last show in Brazil & about 40,000 of you in Porto Alegre let us know we better be coming back to Brasil real soon! We have already got offers to come back to South America soon so hey we’re on the case! Montevideo Uruguay was next & after we were greeted at the airport & hotel by hundreds of fans, we were honoured to play the Biggest Ever Rock Concert in the history of the country of Uruguay. The promoter told us that Van Halen played here in the early eighties to around 10,000 people & were the first ever rock band to play Uruguay.Thanks to them, 30 years later we get to pack out the stadium for around 50,000 people & the show was incredible! Had a great time running on the beach in Uruguay & we can’t wait to come back there!

Next up was Santiago Chile & we filmed this show with 5 cameras, Pro-Shot, for future release. The feeling of energy from the city that was just pummeled by the biggest earthquake in the history of all time was palpable. You just can’t imagine 40,000 people going more nuts or jamming into an arena so packed. The show was complete mayhem from the opening chords of ‘Slave To The Grind’. This show will be coming out someday & I can’t wait for the world to see how the country of Chile kicks total ass & how rock n’ roll means so much to a country ravaged by natural disaster. I said in Spanish on the stage , ‘Tonight the only earthquake in the this town is called ROCK ‘N’ ROLL’ & I swear the reaction from the crowd registered on the Richter Scale for sure. Bach in Chile, comin your way to Blu-Ray ASAP ! CHILE ROCKS !!! We can’t wait to get Bach to Chile as soon as possible !!!

Next up was Buenos Aires Argentina, a country where we had played more than once with the old band, but never to more than 5,000 people a show. This year, we played to around 60,000 people in Buenos Aires & when we went on stage it looked like the whole town was in the stadium. We tore it up with an 1.5 hour full headline set & without a doubt kicked the ass of Argentina like never before. Went out with Axl Rose & Guns N’ Roses to some clubs after the gig, then ended up staggering out of Axl’s hotel the next day around 12 noon! Good times had by all! Till the next day that is, ouch!!

On to Lima Peru! Had an insanely georgeous beach run on the shores of Lima, trailed by security the whole way , no matter how hard I tried to lose ’em! These guys were good! Felt totally safe & protected the whole time we were in Peru due to these huge guys in combat gear surrounding us at all times, it was hard not to! Then we played the Biggest Rock Concert EVER in the history of the country of Peru. Around 60,000 + people jammed the stadium & again it was like playing to the whole city. I’ve played this size crowd a couple of times before, but NEVER to this reception. Every word of every song, every hand in the air, ‘Angel Down’ songs standing their ground next to the old classics, it’s all good in 2010. The internet is not all bad. It is quite obvious countries like Peru & Chile are getting into this music from the internet….. & absolutley hilarious that major label record companies take bands like mine for granted, while we pack out stadiums every night!! Their loss for sure! We are going into the studio in April to start on our next CD, & we have the awesome knowledge that millions of fans around the world are waiting to crank the CD as soon as we put it out. This tour from November ’till now has meant so much to us. Next show is Bogota & we can’t wait to play Columbia for the first time. We were asked to play Venezuela but unfortunately could not procure Government Visas in time. So we have had 4 days off in Bogota, which has been interesting! We tried to go out for dinner at the Hard Rock Bogota, but around 1000 fans were told we were gonna be there, which made eating dinner impossible! So we went to an authentic Columbian restaurant that was a great experience. Been running in Bogota & hope to see some historical sites today & tomorrow. Then we play the biggest venue in Bogota on Tuesday, see at Parque Jamie Duque!

We have now been added to the ECUADOR, PANAMA, & rescheduled RIO dE JANEIRO SHOWS!!! AWESOME!! Thanks Europe Canada USA & South America for the greatest tour of our careers, we cannot thank you enough! See ya Tuesday night BOGOTA!!!!”

Upcoming Guns N’ Roses/Sebastian Bach tour dates:
March 30 Bogota, Columbia – Parque Jaime Duque
April 1 Quito, Pichincha Equador – Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa
April 4 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – Apoteose (Rescheduled Show)
April 7 Panama City, Panama – Estadio Figali

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