Sebastian Bach Gets Engaged And Explains Toronto Concert Tirade

Sebastian Bach Gets Engaged And Explains Toronto Concert Tirade

December 29, 2014

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach proposed to his new fiancee Suzanne Le over the weekend.

TMZ caught Bach and Le leaving Madeo in West Hollywood just moments after he popped the question, and to say he was beaming hardly does it justice. Bach and the former Hawaiian Tropic model have been together since October.

In the short TMZ video Bach responded to why he exploded on a fan at a recent gig in Toronto. Sleaze Roxx first broke the story in a concert review by saying, “The love expressed by Bach towards his mother seemed most evident when he was singing “Silent Night” in the middle of “Monkey Business” and he suddenly and unexpectedly stopped the show. Apparently someone might have pushed or been pushed into Bach’s 70 year old mother who was standing near the right front portion of the stage. Bach let out a tongue lashing tirade against some fan in the audience, screaming out of the blue, “Hey, do you want to stop the show? That is my fucking mother right there you jack-off. I’ll fucking beat your fucking face in. Don’t fuck around with my fucking mother if you want to fucking get out of here alive…” After briefly threatening to leave the stage if there were any more idiots out there, Bach got back on track and even sang an awesome version of the Rush classic “Tom Sawyer”.”

“Somebody messed with my mother, what’s the story?” laughed Bach. “[My mother] rocks hard. She shouldn’t have been in the front, but that was 13 nights in a row, and when you do 13 nights in a row, things happen. I looked out in the crowd and some guy bumped into her, and I said, ‘Don’t mess with my mother.'”

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