Sebastian Bach has realized people are coming to his shows for his fun side as much as his singing

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Sebastian Bach has realized people are coming to his shows for his fun side as much as his singing

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by Forbes and spoke about what he has learned about performing when asked about how his television work.

Bach indicated: “David Lee Roth, when I was a kid, to me, he was a god. And he was cool, but he was fucking hilarious, and it was fun to be into David Lee Roth. And I’ve realized on this tour, especially, that people are coming to see me in the show as much for my voice as my humor, my fun side. I know now after this tour that that is an integral part of why people come to my

shows. Because when I talk in between the songs and I get the whole room laughing, it’s a great time. And I can look at the crowd after doing 40 fucking gigs—that’s a log of gigs—and I can sense kind of what to say and when exactly to say it and how to say it. And I’ve learned that it’s not just the music; it’s the personality in between the songs, and people are coming to have a good time. And the world is so shitty right now especially, and so scary, I can’t even fathom how much it means to people to forget about all that.”

In terms of his involvement for the 30th year anniversary vinyl edition of Skid Row‘s self-titled debut album, Bach replied: Nope. Nobody asked me. I’m only the guy with the whole archives in my house. I have everything there is to have in my house of Skid Row. It’s just sitting there in boxes. No one told me about it. I’m a huge Skid Row fan.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Sebastian Bach at Forbes‘ website.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Bach‘s set at the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland, USA back in May 2018:

“The biggest surprise of the M3 Rock Festival was definitely the former Skid Row frontman. There is no denying that Sebastian Bach is one of the top frontmen in rock n’ roll / heavy metal. His tall 6’4 frame, outgoing personality and attitude makes him one of the most entertaining and dominating singers presence wise. I have always touted Bach as one of the greats but it wasn’t until M3 Rock Festival‘s 2018 edition that the singer put everything together (at a show that I attended) to come up with the best performance of the festival. It is hard to characterize Bach as moody since I don’t know him but out of the three previous times that I had seen him play live in the last four years, he came across onstage as almost arrogant, angry and jovial. Each time, I enjoyed Bach‘s live performance but it’s always more fun when the entertainer is in a good mood and having fun. This time around, Bach seemed to be in a fantastic mood, very grateful to be there and appreciative of the big M3crowd that was there to greet him.

Bach and his all-star caliber backing band of drummer Bobby Jarzombek, guitarist Brent Woods and bassist Rob DeLucaopened their set with their sped up version of the Skid Row frontman’s usual opener “Slave To The Grind.” There seemed to be a little extra energy level from Bach as things started out. After Bach and his band finished “Piece Of Me”, the singer advised humorously that he was still in the washroom when he was called onto the stage and he really wanted to talk to the audience but his time was limited.”

Sleaze Roxx concluded its review of Bach‘s set at the M3 Rock Festival by stating: “After the singer left the stage, I was literally shocked by how great his performance was. I never would have expected it going into M3 this year but Bach had just delivered the best performance of the festival. It will be interesting to see if Bach can recapture or continue at such a high level in the coming month and a half as I plan to catch one of his shows in the province of Ontario in Canada in late June.”