Sebastian Bach has started demoing for new solo album

Sebastian Bach has started demoing for new solo album

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by The Rockpit and was asked amongst other things whether he has started writing for a new album.

Bach replied (with slight edits): “Yeah, yeah we started demoing a new record but you gotta realize in the music industry when a guy like Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, Billy Joel say there’s no reason to do another record other than that’s what we do because there’s no record industry. So I am doing one but after doing ‘Bring ‘Em Bach Alive!’; ‘The Last Hard Men’; ‘Angel Down’; ‘Forever Wild’; ‘Kicking and Screaming’; ‘ABacalypse Now’; and ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ that’s a lot of records. (laughs) If you collect all my solo records that’s a lot of records and so I’m not in a rush to do one , I’ve given all of my energy and time and money that I’m not in a hurry to do another record. My fans if they want to checkout my solo material there’s more than enough of it and maybe some they’ve never heard. So while I’m not in a rush, having said that I am demoing and I am wanting to get back in the studio. I’m making anew record because I want to pretty much for no other reason.”

Bach was also asked whether he’s heard from Ted Nugent who he mentioned in his autobiography 18 And Life On Skid Row. The singer stated: ‘No, no not from Ted anyway, I’ve not heard from him since Supergroup. Well you know what’s going on here politically in America these days is completely polarizing. And (sighs) you know I can’t even turn the phone on some days without seeing all the bad shitty news that is endless ever since Donald Trump came into office. It’s like I can’t even keep up with the misery of what’s happening in the world and there’s really only one side to be on, you know, with what’s happening with climate change – if we don’t stop this our kids are not going to have a place to live! So it’s got to the point now where we really can’t allow this; the same goes for gun control, and everybody knows the NRA is ridiculous to allow, you know machine guns on sale at Walmart – it’s insane! So if I speak up and give my opinion and someone else who supports Donald Trump doesn’t like that I take that as a badge of honour! (laughs)…

Because I’m not into all these things, I’m not into racism, I’m not into guns, I’m not into denying climate change like a moron. I’m not into that shit so if that pisses somebody off – good! That’s the way I feel. I have a ten year old daughter who I can’t imagine what the climate is gonna be for her when she’s 50. So what some person on the internet thinks doesn’t men shit tome,my daughter means something to me.’

You can read the rest of the interview with Bach at The Rockpit.