Sebastian Bach Is Finally “Canadian”


December 20, 2007

HONOLULU — The rock group Aerosmith said Hawaii fans are not entitled to any damages due to a canceled concert scheduled for Maui.

Fans are suing to get back money they spent on travel for a concert that did not happen.

The lawsuit should be dismissed, Aerosmith lawyers said. They pointed out that other performers, like Pavarotti, have never been required to compensate for fan’s wasted travel expenses.

The attorneys said the concert was canceled because there was no way to get the band’s equipment to Maui in time after a concert in Chicago was rescheduled two days before Maui.

The group said it was always honest with its fans and should not be punished for alleged misrepresentation.

Under the state’s consumer law, plaintiffs could be eligible for triple their losses in damages and up to $5,000 if over the age of 62.

The case will be argued on Maui next month.

While the band did not go forward with a concert for Maui, it did perform at a concert for a private gathering of Toyota dealers at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus that weekend.

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