Sebastian Bach states ‘Forever Wild Double Live Vinyl Album’ comes from VHS tape & without his approval

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Sebastian Bach states ‘Forever Wild Double Live Vinyl Album’ comes from VHS tape & without his approval

Back in January of this year with little fanfare, Skid Row‘s debut self-titled album was re-released as a remastered deluxe edition with one bonus track and ten live songs. This was done without any consultation, authorization or permission from former Skid Row lead vocalist Sebastian Bach. A second release from Bach’s past is now getting re-released without the singer’s knowledge, permission or approval.

The following message was posted on Bach‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“2019 will be remembered by me as the year I put records out without knowing anything about it. For the second time this year, I have discovered that I am releasing a new record….. by reading about it on the internet. Without my knowledge, input, permission, or approval, today’s mystery release on record store day is Sebastian Bach Forever Wild Double Live Vinyl Album. I have never heard this vinyl release or seen it before. But I will tell you this: the source audio for this record is a VHS tape! Did not know that was possible to make a record out of a VHS tape. One has to chuckle at a sticker that says “180g Virgin Vinyl” whatever that is. That’s great that it’s 180 Gram *Virgin Vinyl” but there’s a saying in the music business: “Shit in, shit out”. I can guarantee you that the source audio for this record was not virgin VHS tape.

I made the Forever Wild DVD many many years ago out of one single VHS tape recorded live at the Whiskey in 1999 I think. never was that DVD intended to be a live double record. There are zero overdubs on this release because it’s impossible to overdub on a VHS tape! So please realize if you purchase this release, it has nothing to do with me. Please realize that whoever the genius was that took it upon themselves to put this out never even had the respect to contact Sebastian Bach about a Sebastian Bach release. If it sounds great to you, well that’s wonderful but I can tell you if it was up to me, I would make it sound like a proper album since it is going into stores under my name. Just like the other release earlier this year, I do not enjoy that level of respect. So Happy Record Store Day and enjoy a vinyl record made out of a VHS tape. Fingers crossed hope it sounds good. I can guarantee you the next record that I put out, that I have something to do with, will sound good on your stereo.”

Amazon describes the Forever Wild DVD as follows: “Shot live in 1998 at the Whisky A Go-Go and includes solo and classic Skid Row material. Also, full clips of Sebastian‘s favorite moments as host of VH-1‘s “Forever Wild” show, the video for “Sleep”, unaired footage and outtakes from VH-1‘s “Forever Wild“, interactive discography, commentary, and a live clip of “This Is The Moment”.”

Track List for Forever Wild DVD:
01. Sleep
02. Slave To The Grind
03. Piece of Me
04. Frozen
05. Bach In The Basement
06. Here I Am
07. Mic Technique
08. Parasite
09. 18 & Life
10. Hangin’ With Ted Nugent
11. Blasphemer
12. Riot Act
13. Sweet Little Sister
14. Race Car Driving With Vince Neil
15. In A Darkened Room
16. Monkey Business
17. Bach Fu
18. The Most Powerful Man In The World
19. I Remember You
20. Eternal Life
21. Youth Gone Wild
22. Golf Cart Madness