Sebastian Bach Threatens Stryper Frontman Via Twitter

Sebastian Bach Threatens Stryper Frontman Via Twitter

January 27, 2015

Twitter tantrums seem to be a regular occurrence for Sebastian Bach, with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet being the most recent victim of the former Skid Row singer’s anger.

“Dear @michaelhsweet : shut your mouth. Before I shut it for you,” said Bach in a tweet that has since been deleted.

What got Sebastian Bach so pissed off with his Frontiers Music label mate? Last week Sweet appeared on Eddie Trunk to promote his upcoming Sweet & Lynch album recorded with former Dokken guitarist George Lynch. When radio personality Trunk brought up the issue of Bach questioning why so few of his 800,000 Facebook followers purchased his latest effort ‘Give ‘Em Hell’, Sweet shared his feelings.

“This isn’t a bash against Sebastian at all, it’s just my opinion,” shared Sweet. “I think people want to hear Sebastian of old. They want to hear the Skid Row Sebastian. They want to hear the hits and he’s giving them modern rock. It’s [‘Give ‘Em Hell’] a good album… it’s a good sounding album… but it’s not the glory days.”

“I think that’s the one thing Stryper at least tried to do,” continued Sweet, “and I saw the numbers to prove it. Our album ‘Reborn’, which is a little more modern… ‘Murder By Pride’ was in between modern and old… they sold less than 5,000 the first week out. We come out with ‘No More Hell To Pay’, which is going right back to our roots, giving the fans what they want and wanted, and we did almost 10,000 units first week out.”

Upon ‘Give ‘Em Hell’s release Sleaze Roxx said, “If you are looking for similar sounding follow-ups to Skid Row’s first two stellar albums, you won’t find it with Give ‘Em Hell. However, if you’re looking for a solid metal record, Give ‘Em Hell delivers the goods for the most part. I think that with a different guitarist, such as a George Lynch or Reb Beach — or simply a better sounding guitar sound — Give ‘Em Hell had the potential to be a lot better.”

Bach loved the review, simply tweeting ‘fuck you’ before blacking Sleaze Roxx from his Twitter feed.

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