Sebastian Bach To Release Live DVD Soon


March 28, 2009

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has updated his website ( with news that he is about to release a live DVD.

“Well I am happy to say that the concert that will be coming out soon on DVD has been finalized. All I can tell you right now is that it could be the best show I have ever seen of my band, any band I have ever been in. The sound is incredible, & the vibe & energy of the show is unbeleivable.

The show is captured with multi-camera angles, pro-shot & pro-audio. The performances of the musicians raises the bar, & a couple of these renditions might just be the definative live versions of some of the biggest-ever songs out of my catalog.

If my intention is to always put out a better disc to you the fans, then I am certainly right on track with this upcoming DVD. I really cannot wait for all of you to see / hear the new DVD, which I am hoping will be released on the Blu-Ray format as well!

Stay tuned for details on the new DVD , coming your way soon!!”


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