Sebastian Bach tracking demos for upcoming new solo album

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Sebastian Bach tracking demos for upcoming new solo album

Work is underway for former Skid Row lead vocalist Sebastian Bach‘s next solo album as the singer continues to track demos for the upcoming record.

The following message was posted on Bach‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“NEW ALBUM UPDATE: well we tracked 2 more demos with Jeremy Coulson on the Drums who we borrowed from the Steve Vai Band and I gotta tell ya, these 2 new tracks SMOKE. Looking forward to laying down the vocals on these ASAP we are on the way to making a badass new record! Check out Jeremy lay waste to my garage, this mothertrucker is out of control!!! See you Wednesday night DENVER!!”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Bach‘s last studio album Give ‘Em Hell: “Good, but nothing spectacular — that is my assessment in a nutshell of former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach‘s latest album Give ‘Em Hell. Unfortunately, the hype leading up to this release does not match what is actually being offered by Bach. It is not that the songs are terrible by any means, it is simply that there is nothing that really stands out.

Bach‘s trademark voice is on display, and frankly, he sounds good on Give ‘Em Hell. Bach sings clearly, and somewhat slowly, for the most part and lets out a few signature yells throughout most songs. Apparently, this is the singer’s first record he recorded while sober, and the result seems to be a higher pitched voice than what he has sounded like in the past.

One annoying feature for half of the songs on Give ‘Em Hell is new guitarist Devin Bronson‘s, at times, horrible sounding industrial influenced guitar ‘riffs’ — if you can call it that. The terrible sounding riffs are prevalent during the first few seconds of “Taking Back Tomorrow”, “Dominator”, “Temptation” and “Hell Inside My Head”, before those tunes launch into something listenable. These riffs remind me a bit of the sound that Guns N’ Roses‘ Axl Rose unfortunately achieved with his very disappointing comeback album Chinese Democracy. A fair number of bands, including Sebastian Bach, seem to be embracing these melody lacking sounds in order to, perhaps, ‘move on’ from the well-known ’80s guitar sounds that many hair bands were known for — this is a real pity. I encourage everyone to simply tolerate, or grin and bear, the poor guitar intros during half the songs on Give ‘Em Hell since the rest of those songs are all decent.”

Sebastian Bach‘s “Temptation” video:

Sebastian Bach – Temptation (Official Video / New Album / 2014)

Order here: iTunes: Amazon: “Temptation” is taken from the album GIVE ‘EM HELL’ on Frontiers …