Sebastian Bach Wraps Up ‘Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp’ Filming


November 30, 2009

Sebastian Bach Wraps Up Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp FilmingFormer Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach revealed that he has completed the filming of ‘Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp’.

Sebastian states, “This is really neat! I bought a computer chip for my SHOE and now my phone uploads all details of my runs to the web! You can follow along on my runs around the world, see where I’m at and what my favorite routes are, or even sign up for your own page and challenge me to runs ! Its free and awesome ! Check out my running page:

I just finished filming the TV Show ‘Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp’ and I really did learn alot about eating that I did not know before. One thing I learned is that keeping a food journal definately makes me more aware of what I put into my mouth on a daily basis. If you’re into this kinda thing, you can follow my daily routine at Sign up as my friend at and you can call me out if I drink too much wine haha! It doesn’t help me to lie in the journal, so it all goes in there!, my email is”

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