Sexcess Releases Self-Titled Album


April 28, 2009

Early 90s rockers Sexcess have released their first CD on Demon Doll Records. The songs on the self-titled album have been re-mastered with a big name engineer and released worldwide. You can listen to several Sexcess songs at

The Sexcess CD can be purchased at and consists of the following tracks; All Talk No Action, Stand Tall, Rich Bitch, 10th Street Tina, Black N Blue and I Won’t Cry.

Sexcess Releases Self-Titled Album

Sexcess had an earlier version form in late 1989 (including Guitar Player Marc Blakk, Billy Lopez, Johnny Sofias, Eric Monroe) but split up after only 4 performances, 2 being at the Omni in Oakland.

Sean Okin reformed Sexcess with Guitar Player James (Jimmy) Berg then added Rod (The Rod of Love) Mahnami and finally settling on drummer Tony “Valentino” Diaz and Bassist Bob Taylor (Robert Rountree) for the line-up that performed 90% of the Sexcess shows. The band did most of it’s damage and gained most of it’s popularity in 1990-1992 playing many shows at clubs like the Omni (Oakland), the Stone (San Francisco) and One Step Beyond (Santa Clara) – They also had multiple performances at the Pony Express in Redwood City, Cat Club in San Jose, also Niles Station in Fremont. They played one show on the Sunset Strip during it’s hayday at the Whisky in 1992.

Sexcess cut 2 demo tapes, the 2nd with Producer Rob Beaton in 1991 which was mass produced and distributed at shows and they sold hundreds by mail.

The band added drummer J.J. Tantillo in late 1991 and played through the last performance in April of 1992) – What would have been the final Sexcess show was May 1 which was the weekend after the Rodney King verdict and the neighborhood in Oakland was unstable at best. Most of the bands scheduled to play that night cancelled.

Sexcess ended with singer Sean Okin moving to Hollywood in June of 1992 and forming the bands “Bitch Control”,”Dark Human Nature”, “Fear No Evil” and “Cut Throat” then moved to Ft. Lauderdale Florida and joined “Breach.” He is currently in Southern California singing for “Alice in Smack” covering “Alice in Chains” and “Godsmack.” He is will be releasing a solo CD in late 2009.

Jimmy Berg also moved to Hollywood in 1993 and formed “Needle Damage Done” and then was the original guitar player in Ratt Tribute band “Ratt N Roll” – He is now living in Colorado.Bob Taylor was last seen playing bass for with Starship’s guitar God “Craig Chaquico.” in 1994 Update: We are saddened to hear of the passing of Bob Taylor (Robert Roundtree) in 2008. Rock in peace brother!

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