Shadow Horse release video for “Weather The Storm”

Shadow Horse release video for “Weather The Storm”

Nashville, Tennessee, USA “mythic” rockers Shadow Horse have released a video for their song “Weather The Storm” from their album The Visitor.

Shadow Horse‘s “Story” on their Facebook page states:

“As the globe upon which humanity walks spins uninterrupted in the void, a menace descends upon our tiny sphere. Ghosts from the far reaches of reality bring a reward to man for his sins. The specter of an angry history of war and violence has manifested in the arrival of The Visitor.

Shadow Horse is a three piece rock powerhouse from Nashville Tennessee. Combining powerful riffs, thoughtful songwriting and epic melodies, Shadow Horse tells a story of life, death and redemption through the universal language of music.”

Track List for The Visitor:
01. The Beginning
02. As The World Turns
03. God Of War
04. The Visitor
05. Spear
06. Weather The Storm
07. Wicked Road
08. Cold Is
09. Hell Bound World
10. Born A Fire
11. Call To War

Shadow Horse‘s “Weather The Storm” video:

Shadow Horse – Weather the Storm (Official)

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