Shakedown Suzies release debut video for song “Get It On”

Shakedown Suzies release debut video for song “Get It On”

Swedish sleaze rockers Shakedown Suzies have released their debut video for their song “Get It On” from their album The Chase, which was released back on April 27, 2017.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Shakedown Suzies‘ frontman Erik ”Ricki Rascal” Gripestam advised why the group chose “Get It On” as the song for its debut video. Gripestam stated: “It’s a fast and powerful song. We had a vision of a really sweaty video and I think that’s what we got in the end. We wanted to show off the same energy and craziness that we aim for when playing live so “Get It On” was in our opinion a good song for that purpose. Also, when discussing the other songs we realised that we’d need a lot of hot girls in the videos for any of them to be awesome [laughs]. But we were on the clock and realised that even though we live in Sweden and good looking girls might be relatively easy to find — we think [laughs] — we decided that it would be too difficult and time consuming to arrange that kind of video shoot. The idea for “Get It On” was more manageable with just us in the band and some friends drinking beer and having fun.”

Shakedown Suzies‘ “Get It On” video:

Shakedown Suzies – Get It On (official video)

Directed, filmed and edited by Filip Pilthammar ( by Moderskeppet ( Thanks g…

In terms of who came up with the idea for the video, Gripestam advised: “The idea [for the video] was a collaboration between the band and the director Filip Pilthammar. Basically, we just decided on two locations — our rehearsal room and an old abandoned hydroelectric power station — and then, the same day, we had the opportunity to shoot some film at a friend’s birthday party as well. That’s about it. We kind of just did our thing. Our friends loved the idea to be in our video and Filip got it all on film. We aimed for madness, high tempo and beer!

The dates for shooting the video was decided a while back and then later on, our bass player Agust found out that he had to be at work those days. But there was no way to change the dates so a couple of friends helped us out as bass player extras, which is some kind of sub-plot or something that adds some weirdness to it all [laughs].”

With respect to Shakedown Suzies‘ plans going forward, Gripestam stated: “Well, since the songs on The Chase are pretty old, we’re focusing on writing new material this fall. We don’t know if we’re gonna do another album or maybe do like The Cruel Intentions and only release singles. We’ll see. Also, we have a couple of live shows booked here in Sweden in the coming six months, which is awesome because we’re usually better live in our own opinion [laughs]. You don’t really get the whole interaction part down on records. We’re always looking for gigs though. Hopefully we get to play a couple of more places before 2018. In terms of a more long-term perspective,  we of course would love to play festivals next summer with a bunch of new songs in the set.”