Shakedown Suzies unleash lyric video for track “Delicious Vice”

Shakedown Suzies unleash lyric video for track “Delicious Vice”

Swedish rockers Shakedown Suzies consisting of lead vocalist Erik ”Ricki Rascal” Gripestam, guitarist Jonathan Mortensen, bassist Agust Ahlberg and drummer Claes ”Mads” Mattsson have released a lyric video for their track “Delicious Vice” from their latest studio album A Business Doin’ Pleasure.

Track List for A Business Doin’ Pleasure:
01. Buckle up!
02. Delicious Vice
03. Alibi
04. Hair of The Dog
05. Forever Wild
06. Best of Me
07. Savage Hearts
08. Alcowhore Galore
09. Bad Blood Rising
10. Rascal Remedy
11. I Don’t Do Regrets

The caption for the YouTube video indicates in part (with slight edits):

A Business Doin’ Pleasure is Shakedown Suzies follow-up to the 2017 The Chase. It was recorded in HoboRec Studios 2019 by Jon Solheim and in MonsterJAM Studios 2020 by Jonathan Aagaard Mortensen. Edited by Peter Granberg at Sonic Train Studios. Mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque in Sonic Train Studios. Available on digital, stream, CD and LP.

Additional vocals by Therese Damberg. Backing vocals by Marcus “Dragonslayer” Thorell, Teaser Sweet (Therese Damberg, Marcus Damberg, Christoffer Cardell, Therese Damberg) and Shakedown Suzies. Mystic lady pickup line by Orsi Kurcz.

Music by Jonathan Aagaard Mortensen. Lyrics by Erik Gripestam. Intro/outro theme by Jonas M Högeryd.”

Shakedown Suzies‘ “Delicious Vice” lyric video: