Shakey DeVille unveil video for single “Shot’s Fired”

Shakey DeVille unveil video for single “Shot’s Fired”

North Carolina, USA rockers Shakey DeVille consisting of guitarist Curly Staples (Pröwess), lead vocalist Dan Miller, drummer Brandon and new bassist Joshua Bradley have released their debut video for their single “Shot’s Fired” from their upcoming debut EP Clichés & Contraband.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Staples was asked how Shakey DeVille chose the single “Shot’s Fired” to be used for their debut video to which he replied: “Since “Shot’s Fired” was the first song we put out, we decided pretty early on that it would be the first video we put out as well. We actually shot the video back in February 2021, but we weren’t going to put it out, for reasons that I won’t mention here [laughs] but there are a few people that know why and I want to keep it that way [laughs]!

With respect to when we can expect Shakey DeVille‘s debut EP Clichés & Contraband to be released, Staples indicated: “The EP will have seven songs. And anyone that’s seen us live has heard most of them. At one point, we were debating if we wanted to just go ahead and do a full album since we’ve got so many originals, but we decided to just keep it an EP so that the newer ones have time to develop and we can see which ones resonate with an audience better. The songs that are going on the EP are like the early stages of Shakey DeVille, whereas the newer ones show a little bit of growth within the band. But at the end of the day, it’s still sounds like us [laughs]! As to when it will be released, I’m just gonna say that we’re hoping by the end of August or early September at the latest! We’re heading to the studio next month to finish up the rest of the songs with Jamie King in Winston-Salem [North Carolina, USA], so it’s just a matter of how long it takes to put together everything that goes along with releasing an EP at this point! Definitely soon though!”

Staples pulls double duty as the guitarist for both Shakey DeVille and Pröwess. In terms of how it is being in two bands at the same time, the guitarist stated: “Being in two bands definitely has its tough moments, but I did it to myself [laughs]! Nah, it’s all good! Being in both bands is actually getting a lot easier for me, and Scott [Roby] helps me out a lot by keeping me updated on the Pröwess schedule and checking in with me on what Shakey‘s got going on to make sure he doesn’t book something on an already taken date, you know what I mean? We’re actually trying to set up a couple shows where Shakey DeVille is playing with Pröwess! Whenever that does happen though, I’m gonna be worn the fuck out by the end of the night, no doubt about it [laughs]! But all in all, it’s pretty cool, and it’s pretty much exactly what I worked for to be able to continuously play music, so I’ve really got no complaints over here! Stay Shakey!”

Shakey DeVille‘s “Shot’s Fired” video: