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Sideburn Announce New Band Members

January 11, 2012

Vocalist Roland Pierrehumbert and drummer Lionel Blanc are pleased to announce the arrival of three new Sideburn members.

Nick Thornton, on bass, a pure Australian born rocker, who landed in Switzerland while he was touring with the 2 brothers of Maeder. “This guy has got an amazing groove and can sing as well, which will give us the possibility to play songs that we had to put aside.”

On guitar two young, talented guitar players, Mikael Riffart and Lawrence Lina. “We will try to have them to play both rhythm and lead guitar, this will bring some more movement on stage and be more entertaining for the audience.”

Mike Riffart, the 26 year old French neighbour has been Boris’s substitute on and off for 3 years now, he has played with the band live already 5 times, including their last concert of 2011 at the Festiverbant Festival. “It’s a logical choice, Mike, has impressed us many times with his professionalism and friendliness.”

Lawrence Lina, 25 years old, has been playing with Roland in his blues band for 2 years now and professionally since over 4 years, touring Europe with several projects. “Lawrence is a real chameleon, he can play all kinds of music and can sing as well. It’s probably time for him to join a band. After being a side man, let’s join Sideburn!”

Some more words about the new musicians: “They are first of all nice guys, they play well and are good looking, what else could you ask for… The force of Sideburn, since years now, has been to have musicians that like different kinds of music, but who love Rock’n’Roll. This gives a twist to our music.”

Sideburn has planned to release a single this spring and to do some gigs till autumn to keep on promoting their latest album ‘Jail’.

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