Shannon Tweed criticizes Paul Stanley for throwing Gene Simmons under the bus

Shannon Tweed criticizes Paul Stanley for throwing Gene Simmons under the bus

It appears that not all is well between KISS‘ founders¬†Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons who have been partners for more than 40 years fronting one of the biggest rock and roll bands in history.

It all started in a Newsweek interview that was posted yesterday morning where Simmons stated in a nutshell that Prince‘s drugs killed him and how pathetic it was that he killed himself.

A tweet appeared on Stanley‘s Twitter account where he essentially called Simmons‘ comments “cold clueless” with respect to Prince‘s death.

It appears that Simmons quickly and subsequently sent out a public apology for his comments.

However, Simmons‘ wife Shannon Tweed has since come to Simmons‘ rescue so to speak criticizing Stanley for throwing Simmons under the bus.

The following tweet was posted on Tweed‘s Twitter account today at 1:46 pm: “We ALL have our failings but true friends don’t point at them & throw you under the bus! Especially partners of 40 years!”

That tweet apparently prompted a series of comments/tweets including an interesting one from Tweed which stated: “@Minneapolis86 of course it’s a tragedy ! Gene thought a lot of his talent. Not so much about his own partner throwing him under the bus.”

Paul Stanley responded to Tweed‘s first aforementioned tweet by stating “Partners of 40 years says it all. Don’t confuse walking under the bus with being thrown under. My apology was right.”

That was met with a further response from Tweed‘s via Twitter which stated: “@PaulStanleyLive you can’t apologize for someone else. It’s not up to you.He feels the way he feels. He would NEVER do that to you.NEVER” which was later followed with¬†“@kgallgh we all agree the translation was rude but would you like your partner pointing out your failings all the time?”