Sharon Osbourne Fires Insults At Gene Simmons


March 14, 2008

With both Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne playing shows in Melbourne, Australia this weekend, Ozzy’s wife Sharon has fired a broadside in the New York rockers’ direction.

Nothing to do with the fact that Kiss are playing a prestigious gig at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, while there are still tickets left for Ozzy’s rival show on Saturday at the Rod Laver Arena, of course…

“Gene Simmons is a prat,” Sharon said. “He’s just a silly man in a silly wig. He’s just a prat. What more is there to say about him? He’s his own worst enemy by being in the public eye.”

Sharon has publicly slated Simmons for copying her family’s reality show, The Osbournes, with his own, Family Jewels. Ozzy’s hero, Mr Sir Paul McCartney, refused to be dragged into the debate and refrained from comment.

No response from Simmons either, as yet. But you can bet there’ll be hell toupe…

In the meantime, Kiss have posed with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton ahead of their Oz show (see pic below).

Kiss with Lewis Hamilton

Kiss have reassured fans their Grand Prix gig will be a full concert, promising they will play for two hours on Sunday once the race has ended.

“There’s all this incredible horsepower, incredible noise and speed — and then there’ll also be the car race,” rhythm guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley said.

“We will bring loudness to a new level,” he added. “You’re going to shiver and quiver in all the places that count. This is bigger than ever.”

“Don’t listen to your girlfriends,” Gene Simmons added. “Size does matter.”

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