Sharon Osbourne Has A Novel, But Is It About Dannii?


November 17, 2009

Sharon Osbourne Has A Novel, But Is It About Dannii?Paul Cashmere of reports that Sharon Osbourne has written her first novel. Could it be about Dannii and Kylie Minogue?

‘Revenge’ is about two sisters, Amber and Chelsea Stone, who share the same dream of huge global fame. As children they are close, but success has pulled them apart. Both have the looks, the talent, and the star quality – but only one has the ruthless ambition to make it very big at the top and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Sound familiar? Well, Sharon and Dannii Minogue became bitter rivals on the X-Factor judging panel two years ago. Has Sharon used the background of the Minogue sisters as the inspiration for her novel?

Osbourne was bitterly outspoken against Dannii on the show. She claimed Dannii only had the job because of her looks and that Simon Cowell was attracted to her.

Osbourne also said Minogue “knows when to pull out the sympathy card” and “her tears were only on live TV”.

A book about Dannii and Kylie called ‘Revenge’ seems too coincidental to not be true. All shall be revealed when the book comes out.

‘Revenge’ will be released by the Little Brown Book Group in March 2010.

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