Sharon Osbourne Is Still Crazy, Still Attacking People


March 27, 2009

Sharon Osbourne found herself in some legal trouble recently after she physically attacked a woman on television – but that doesn’t seem to have helped her learn any lessons about keeping her temper in check.

While Osbourne did refrain from throwing punches, she did not refrain from going off on a reporter who made the mistake of asking her about her family’s drug addictions. Apparently, the only people that are allowed to blabber on about the Osbournes’ drug addictions are the Osbournes themselves.

During a press conference call, in which Sharon Osbourne was promoting her family’s new show “Osbournes: Reloaded,” she was asked if she though her family’s drug history might turn off potential viewers. Responded Sharon, “That must be the most ridiculous question I have ever been asked in my entire career. I’m really angry. Do you know how many people in this country alone suffer from addiction?”

Any normal person would have let the issue drop at this point, but Sharon was just getting warmed up.

Continued the short-tempered Mama Osbourne, “This is a terrible epidemic that covers every race. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white. It’s an epidemic of drugs and alcohol in this country. OK? And all my family are examples of being is truthful about their condition and working through it and trying to better themselves as human beings.

She wasn’t done.

Sharon yapped on, “You know that we have been so open about our lives. My husband has struggled with addiction his entire life. And my son has been clean and sober for six years and lives a very, very strict AA lifestyle. And, so if anything he is a beacon of hope to any young person in this country who is struggling with addiction. So when you talk about family, we are family and we are a real family. I’ve taken real offense, because you know why? We’re real people. And probably half of the people watching our show, they have someone in their family who has a problem with alcohol and drugs.”

We can’t wait to watch the show. Sounds relaxing and fun. Until someone rubs Sharon Osbourne the wrong way, and she starts to lecture and scream at us. We might as well hang out with our own mothers…

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