Sharon Osbourne’s Suicide Pact With Ozzy


September 30, 2007

Sharon Osbourne never seems to do things by halves. Her highs, like the amazing success of the X-Factor, have brought her incredible wealth and fame.

And the lows, like the loss of her father and bitter feud with her brother, mean the 54-year-old’s life is never far away from the headlines.

But her soon to be released biography, Survivor, reveals sensational new claims about to her super-star lifestyle.

Excerpts describe her amazing ‘death pact’ with husband Ozzy, explain why she has taken anti-depressant drugs for more than 10 years and reveal how she underwent IVF therapy.

Speaking the Mirror, the mother of three described how she wants to end her life: “Ozzy and I have absolutely come to the same decision.

“We believe 100 per cent in euthanasia so have drawn up plans to go to the assisted suicide flat in Switzerland if we ever have an illness that affects our brains. If Ozzy or I ever got Alzheimer’s, that’s it – we’d be off.

“We gathered the kids around the kitchen table, told them our wishes and they’ve all agreed to go with it.

“I saw my father suffer from the day he came back into my life in 2002 to the day he died in July. There’s no way I could go through what he did, or put my kids through that.

“At least with something like cancer you can communicate, say how you feel and explain why your body hurts.

“But my father deteriorated at such a rapid speed he became a shell of himself – dribbling, wearing a diaper and tied into a wheelchair because he didn’t realise he could no longer walk.

“Some say the disease is hereditary so at the first sign I want to be put out of my misery.

“Ozzy and I have asked our lawyers to make the appropriate arrangements. It’s taken away some of the fear of our ending and is a final gift of love to our kids.”

Sharon told the Mirror she and Ozzy wanted to have more children after the birth of Jack, but after a stomach infection left her unable to conceive naturally she underwent IVF.

“The wait for results, for each phone call, was mental torture. It did me in and I couldn’t go through it again.”

But her hectic showbiz lifestyle has taken its toll on Sharon’s body and more importanly her mind. For the past 11 years she has been taking anti-depressants.

“It has totally changed my life for the better,” she admits. “I got to a few points when I had a lot of pressure and snapped.

“I’m not a victim and not saying I have it hard. But there were certain times in my life when it all got too much and I would take my frustrations out on myself by literally banging my head against a wall. The anti-depressants changed that and I couldn’t live without it.

Abridged from Survivor: My Story – The Next Chapter by Sharon Osbourne, published by Little Brown on October 4 at 18.99.

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