Sheer Lust release single “Sunset Sleaze” for streaming

Sheer Lust release single “Sunset Sleaze” for streaming

Newly reformed Hollywood, California, USA based rockers Sheer Lust consisting of Sean “SFV” Voss on lead vocals, Ash Star on guitars, Philthy Rych on bass and Marti Ruben on drums have released the single “Sunset Sleaze” for streaming.

Sheer Lust‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page states (with slight edits):

Sheer Lust was originally founded in 1985, 1st shows played in 1986. After a few line-up changes, the band broke up in 1990, after opening for Michael Monroe on the “Not Fakin’ It” Tour. The band reformed with 3 original members in June 2018 and are currently preparing to take over the world using duct tape and bailing wire. Video for single “Sunset Sleaze” coming soon!”

The group describes itself as follows on its Facebook page:

Sheer Lust is attitude music, Glam / Punk ~ Loud, Rude & In your face! but at the same time, being a fun bunch of lunatics! Come out and have fun with us!”

Sheer Lust‘s “Sunset Sleaze” song:

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