Shel Shoc Deliver ‘Rocked And Loaded’

Shel Shoc Deliver ‘Rocked And Loaded’

June 3, 2010

Shel Shoc Deliver 'Rocked And Loaded'Demon Doll Records has once again gone to the vaults and teamed up with the boys from Shel Shoc to finally deliver the explosive, gritty hair metal masterpiece (that should have been released 22 years ago) entitled ‘Rocked And Loaded’.

Sharing the stage with such great rock acts as Warrant and Odin, Shel Shoc contributed their own brand of sleaze infested rock to the greatest music scene that ever existed.

This CD delivers 7 classic recordings restored and re-mastered from 1986 to 1988 including the infectious “Wanna Go”, “Dance Dirty White Girl” and “It’s All Rock N’ Roll” to name just a few!

If pure 80’s Sunset Strip rock is your thing, then Demon Doll Records have uncovered yet another gem that is a must have for all to own. Officially licensed from the band, this album is silver pressed and exclusively available from Audio samples can be previwed at

It doesn’t get any more rare and authentic then this!!

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