Shiraz Lane Release ‘Lights Out’ EP

Shiraz Lane Release ‘Lights Out’ EP

November 12, 2012

Finnish rockers Shiraz Lane released their second EP ‘Lights Out’ on November 9th — to order the disc contact the band through their Facebook page at

Shiraz Lane was formed by drummer Ana Willman and vocalist Hannes Kett in December 2009. They found Mickey Kalske to play the guitar right away and started looking for another guitarist and a bassist. A couple months later Ana’s friend Daniel joined the band on bass while they struggled with different guitarists until Jani joined the band in early 2011.

The band’s music has influences from hard rock of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with a modern twist. The band’s first EP, ‘Before It Strikes’, was released in october 2011.

‘Lights Out’ track listing:
1. Too Much
2. One For The Show
3. Long Time Coming
4. From My Soul
5. Lights Out

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