Shiraz Lane release new song “House of Cards” and mini-interview with Miki Kalske

Shiraz Lane release new song “House of Cards” and mini-interview with Miki Kalske

Shiraz Lane photoFinnish rockers Shiraz Lane have released another song from their upcoming debut full-length album For Crying Out Loud, which will be released via Frontiers Music Srl on April 15, 2016. After releasing a video for the song “Wake Up”, Shiraz Lane released the song “Same Ol’ Blues” and now the track “House Of Cards.”

Back in May 2015, Shiraz Lane had released a five-song EP called Be The Slave Or Be The Change. Two of the songs (“Mental Slavery” and “Behind The 8-Ball”) can be found on that EP. Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Be The Slave Or Be The Change. “Nostalgia no doubt plays a large part in Be the Slave Or Be the Change, considering that clear influences can be heard from bands like Guns N’ Roses, Warrant and most prominently Skid Row. But the important thing about Shiraz Lane is that they do not rely solely upon revisiting music from that past era to succeed given that with these five songs, they manage to show shirazlane10many musical sides by changing things up and doing different compositions and arrangements on each song. The members of Shiraz Lane have the energy and the talent, and here they deliver a very good EP that works perfectly both as an introduction to new listeners and to show the world what they’re all about. If this is what they can do by themselves, I can only look forward to the absolute best with Frontiers Records backing them up.”

Sleaze Roxx writer Metal Mike had the recent opportunity to speak to Shiraz Lane’s rhythm guitarist Miki Kalske.

Back in 2014, Shiraz Lane won a contest called Hard Rock Rising Helsinki, which was essentially a battle of the bands culminating with the grand prize being a trip to play a show at the Hard Rock shirazlane6Cafe in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 13, 2014. Kalske stated the following about that experience: “Yes. We won the Hard Rock Rising 2014 Helsinki and hence got the chance to play at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto. The whole trip was a great experience for Shiraz Lane, since it was our first gig abroad and really stitched the whole band together as one. The gig back then was a solid Shiraz experience, but I must add that we have leveled up our show and musicianship since, so next time we come by, I assure you guys will be left jaw-dropped!”

Kalske was asked what is his favourite part of For Crying Out Loud and replied, “I would say that it is impossible to choose one favorite part. The album is a whole and at its best listened in sequence, but if I must pick one personal favorite, I would say that ’’Momma’s Boy’’ since it is ass kickin’ and always a joy to play.”

Shiraz Lane photo 2All of the Shiraz Lane band members are reportedly in their early 20s yet their influences are bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row and Aerosmith. Kalske stated the following about the band’s influences: “We are influenced and inspired by everything that sounds good to us! This is exactly a good example of how your image might seem limited artistically when you are categorized to fit into a certain genre. We try to embrace all styles and genres (as long as it sounds authentic and straight from the heart). For the record we absolutely love Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and other 90’s grunge stuff. I think the bands mentioned beforehand are just the most obvious influences that can be heard, but I’m sure you’ll find many new levels on our album that can only be labeled as Shiraz Lane, not any other band. At least that’s what we are aiming for -our own sound, style and touch.”

In terms of what’s next for Shiraz Lane, Kalske stated, “We will continue to work our asses off rehearsing, releasing music videos, merchandise, live stream hang-arounds, promotional work, touring etc. After our album release show [April 20th at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland] and playing in Italy at the Frontiers Festival, we are going to tour Finland extensively with Reckless Love. We will spend the summer touring the biggest national summer festivals and whip up something cool for the Autumn as well. If you get the chance, come check us out live and follow our Facebook page for information and updates on everything Shiraz related!”