Shiraz Lane unleash new single “Broken Into Pieces”

Shiraz Lane unleash new single “Broken Into Pieces”

Finnish rockers Shiraz Lane consisting of lead vocalist Hannes Kett, lead guitarist Jani Laine, rhythm guitarist Miki Kalske, bassist Joel Alex and drummer Ana Willman have released a new single titled “Broken Into Pieces.”

The band has previously released the Before It Strikes EP (2011), the Lights Out EP (2012), the Be The Slave Or Be The Change EP (2015), For Crying Out Loud (2016), Carnival Days (2018) and the Vibrations I EP (2020).

The following message was posted on Shiraz Lane‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Broken Into Pieces – OUT NOW! Brand new and banging! Introducing a darker, yet a very catchy vibe. 2020 has been a weird year but making this kept us sane and we’re happy about how it turned out. We hope it tickles your taste as well.

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Shiraz Lane‘s “Broken Into Pieces” single: