Shock Release Video For “Full Speed Ahead”

Shock Release Video For “Full Speed Ahead”

September 1, 2014

Canadian power metal band Shock recently released a video for the song “Full Speed Ahead”, from their critically acclaimed debut CD ‘Once Denied’. “Full Speed Ahead” is the third video released to support the new album, following “Slashing To Live” and “Paths Of Glory”.

Originally Shock had planned on releasing a trilogy of videos based around the cartoon woman character about to be transformed into a killer depicted in the band’s debut video “Slashing To Live”. Back in January 2013, Shock bassist Steve Monette indicated to Sleaze Roxx in an interview, “We wanted to make sort of a graphic novel idea out of it and the lyrics of the song really play into that sort of concept… We talked about the potential of a trilogy coming out of that — if what happens with the video like we think it is going to happen, how much people respond to it, and if they like it. Our illustrator has already committed to carrying on the theme and we’re going to see the character from the “Slashing To Live” video transforming through two more songs and the second song in the trilogy would be “I’m Dangerous” and then the final would be “Driven To Kill”.”

Although the “Slashing To Live” video quickly got to almost 5,000 views, Shock elected to step away from their trilogy concept with their next videos. Monette handled all of the production for “Full Speed Ahead” from the initial concept to directing to editing. He recently advised Sleaze Roxx that, “We haven’t abandoned the trilogy idea — never say never — but we just felt with our limited budget for videos, it would be best to branch out with other songs and concepts to better represent the entire album. “Full Speed Ahead” just seemed to lend itself to a cool video idea. Sometimes when playing or listening to a song, an idea will just present itself and then I have to figure out how I can accomplish the imagery required.”

Shock first formed back in 1985 and quickly gained notoriety opening for many of today’s hard rock and metal giants including Megadeth, Motorhead and Anthrax. The band disbanded five years later, frustrated by not being able to land a proper recording contract. Twenty one years later, Shock reformed and eventually independently released their debut album ‘Once Denied’ — available for purchase at The band has received very positive reviews for the CD including from Sleaze Roxx who stated, “Once Denied was definitely worth waiting for… Unfortunately for Shock, they will now lose their “title” as one of the “best metal bands to never release an album”. Rather, Once Denied puts Shock on par to open the discussion for which power metal or thrash metal band has the greatest debut album of all time — as it has to be up there with Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All and Iron Maiden’s self-titled album as best debut in the genre.”

Shock plans on returning to the studio in the fall to record the follow-up to ‘Once Denied’ while targeting a release for the spring or summer of 2015. The band will be opening for Blaze Bayley in Canada’s nation capital of Ottawa on October 13th.

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