Shock to release new album ‘Forewarned’ on Friday the 13th

Shock to release new album ‘Forewarned’ on Friday the 13th

Canadian power metal veterans, Shock, are scheduled to release their second album entitled Forewarned on Friday, November 13, 2015.

Forewarned is the follow up record to Shock‘s critically acclaimed debut album Once Denied.

Shock group photoSleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Once Denied back in May 2013: “What strikes me the most when listening to Once Denied is the guitar work throughout the CD — the solos are fast and furious, yet melodic and very well played. Unlike many “guitar heroes” that tend to go overboard or overplay such as Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony V does not. He delivers the goods over and over throughout the album with his guitar work adding to the songs rather than overshadowing them and a lot of credit has to go to the rhythm section since Tony V‘s guitar playing would likely not have the opportunity to shine without it. In addition, Tony V‘s voice is rather unique which helps to distinguish Shock‘s songs from any other metal bands.”

Sleaze Roxx went to add, “Was it worth waiting about 28 years for Shock to release their debut CD? I do not think any album is worth waiting that long for — take note Axl Rose. However, if you take into account that Shock has really only been in existence for seven years or so, Once Denied was definitely worth waiting for. Once Denied is the kind of CD that you can play over and over again, and still really enjoy it! Unfortunately for Shock, they will now lose their “title” as one of the “best metal bands to never release an album”. Rather, Once Denied puts Shock on par to open the discussion for which power metal or thrash metal band has the greatest debut album of all time — as it has to be up there with Metallica‘s Kill ‘Em All and Iron Maiden‘s self-titled album as best debut in the genre.”

Shock‘s sophomore effort Forewarned can be pre-ordered through the band’s Bandcamp website where you can also preview Shock‘s first single “Sonic Assault” from the new album.

MW 2.700Shock bassist Steve Monette and group founder, lead guitarist and lead vocalist Tony V were recently interviewed by Sleaze Roxx. With respect to the choice of songs along with song titles for Forewarned, Tony V stated: “Well, we have chosen a lot of songs that people will be familiar with but we had to change (laughs) a lot of the titles to sort of fit the new arrangements and the new way that we were putting together these songs. In terms of the songs that we are reworking, there was one called “Love To Hate” that we are going to call “Bend Or Break.” There is one called “Second To No One” — we might have to change the title of that one. Basically, we are taking some songs that should have seen (laughs) the light of the day and re-working them. Many bands have done that. We are not the first but we are going very back into our catalogue and we think that we re-worked them to the best that we could have done (laughs).”

Monette went to add, “Some of the song titles in our opinions had to change because they were original sounding song titles back in the ’80s and they are not anymore. So (laughs), they may have been — we are just too late in releasing those song titles. We missed our chance with the song titles! Some of them sound very cliché now but they did not sound cliché when the songs were written back in the ’80s but now they are so we just decided that we are going to change them. Some of the songs got completely re-worked in terms of the arrangements and the lyrics as well as the song titles, that’s purely out of our desire to have the songs sound different. At the core, they are still the same songs. Like Tony said, lots of bands do that. They’ll have songs that they never released and they’ll go back and they’ll maybe steal riffs from them or whatever. We didn’t really steal any riffs from them. We kept the core value of each song but a lot of them are very different arrangement wise and lyrical wise.”