Shock To Release Second Record In Late Summer / Early Fall Of 2015

Shock to release second record in late summer / early fall of 2015

Canadian power metal band, Shock, have recently finished recording the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut record Once Denied. A few days ago, the band stated: “…we finished the last four vocal tracks and all of the recording is done! Now the mixing begins – we’re very excited about how it all sounds and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Speaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx about Shock‘s upcoming second record, bassist Steve Monette stated that: “The big difference this time is that we have a much better idea of what we want going in and what both we and our producer Mike Bond are capable of. We feel that we are a lot more comfortable with each other and our playing since last time we were in the studio eight months after reforming and now it’s been three years.”.

Shock band photoShock first formed in 1985 and were one of the pre-eminent power metal bands playing in Canada’s nation capital of Ottawa until 1990 when the band disbanded due to frustration in not getting signed to a proper recording deal. The band reformed in 2011 and released its first record Once Denied in May 2013. Back in January 2013, band co-founder and frontman Tony V was interviewed by Sleaze Roxx and asked how Shock came up with songs for their first record. Tony V replied: “We do have a big song catalogue and I think we’re kind of doing something different — songs that are written 20 to 25 years ago and laying dormant like this and then we decide to revamp them, and that’s basically what we were going to do. I think now instead of writing new songs, I just find it a challenge to improve on some of them without overdoing it — improve on maybe the lyrics, vocal phrasing, dynamics — stuff that you don’t really think of other than when you’re a musician.”

In regard to which songs that the band would record this time around, Monette advised Sleaze Roxx that: “We played the songs in rehearsal and most of them at shows and the ones we picked were the ones we felt fit with the direction we wanted to go with on this album. We wanted it to reflect more of who we are now both lyrically and with our musicianship. We wanted it to sound like a progression from the first album while still being true to our core sound. There are definitely more dynamics to the songs in terms of tempos/time changes and more meaningful lyrics.”. When Monette was asked exactly which songs that Shock had chosen from their back catalogue of songs for their second record, he replied “(Laughs) We’ve had some lyrical changes in the studio, so we’re not 100% firm on some of the titles yet…”.

Shock recently released a video compilation of guitar solos emanating from Once Denied. In that regard, Monette stated: “People seem to really enjoy listening to solos online and while we were going through posting updates from the studio this time around, we had received requests from people to post videos of the solos in the studio, so I thought it would be a cool way for people to remember all of the cool solos from the first album and help peak their interest in the new recording. We live in a world of limited attention spans now when it comes to any kind of media – so any way you can make it easier for people to enjoy and get interested in your music is good.”

Once Denied – The Solos The solos from all of the songs on Once Denied – the debut album from Metal band SHOCK released May 4, 2013. New album to be released 2015.

Although no release date has yet to be set, Shock is aiming to release their second record in late summer or early fall of 2015.