Shokker get new drummer Dan “Dash” Dacz

Shokker get new drummer Dan “Dash” Dacz

Chicago, Illinois, USA based Shokker now have a new drummer by the name of Dan “Dash” Dacz who takes over for Ben Silverman.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Dash advised how he made into Shokker: “I moved to Northwest Indiana in October last year. I had spent the previous six years in Arlington, Texas [USA]. Dimebag [Darrell] and Vinnie Paul‘s hometown area. I am originally from Illinois though. I came back up to the midwest because of personal reasons. My story of getting into contact with the band was kind of by chance. I had a profile, and saw that [Shokker singer] Rachl [Quinn] viewed my page. I looked at her profile, then added her on Instagram since I was off Facebook for a year. Then one day, she commented on one of my pictures about how their drummer was leaving the band and asked if I was interested in coming out to audition. I agreed and made the hour drive to Chicago to jam. They seemed interested after that day and asked me to come back out again for another jam. Then that day went well too and they invited me out to their two last shows with Ben. I went out to both of them to check out what they were all about. On the night of Ben‘s last show at Penny Road Pub, the band offered the position to me. I was completely honored and fuckin’ excited to become a part of this badass band.”

In regard to Dash‘s prior musical background, the drummer stated: “My drumming background is basically mostly being in some ’80s metal cover bands. And a few bands of a couple different genres, ranging from garage rock to soft rock experimental. To gritty dirty sleaze, to political prog metal, to punk rock. I’ve played a lot of different styles of music [laughs].”

With respect to Shokker‘s future plans, Dash advised: “Right now, Shokker has been really active playing out live. My first show with the band was about a month after I joined, and we’ve been keeping the ball rolling ever since. We’re working on the album currently, and we’re all really excited for it. No release date set for it at the moment, but I can say it’s gonna be fucking kickass, and people will be talking about it for sure.”

Shokker released a three song self-titled EP in July 2015. Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of the self-titled EP: “Aside from the slight occasional excess in guitar shredding, the three songs offered on Shokker‘s self-titled EP are really good straight up heavy metal. The best part of Shokker‘s self-titled EP is the voice of lead singer Rachl “Raxx” Quinn who simply can scream and sing with the best of them. I could listen to her voice all night long! In terms of picking and choosing which one is my favorite track out of the three songs, they are all quite good so it’s a tough task. However, I will go with “Midnight Sun” because it is built upon a simple but strong guitar riff, Quinn‘s singing on it is amazing and [Casey] Tremont‘s guitar shredding is held back until the guitar solo when he just lets it rip.”