Shokker guitarist Casey Tremont reflects on band’s eight year anniversary

Shokker guitarist Casey Tremont reflects on band’s eight year anniversary

Chicago, Illinois, USA heavy metal rockers Shokker celebrated their eight year anniversary yesterday. Shokker guitarist and co-founder Casey Tremont took a little time to reflect in that regard.

The following message was posted on Tremont‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“Today marks Shokker‘s 8 year anniversary! We’ve been through quite a bit in those 8 years. Both highs and lows! It was on this day in 2011 that Jorey, Ben (ex drummer) and I had quit our previous band and met up with some some other musicians at our local Dunkin Donuts and the 1st official lineup was born! Since then we have gone on a recorded a 3 song E.P, traveled around the country a bunch, put out a full length album (Now out of print. Sorry folks), and got to open for legends such as Queensryche, Y&T, Saxon, Manilla Road, Paradoxx, Diamond Rexx and much much more. Plus we have shared stages with many local and out of state bands that influenced us greatly such as Mindmaze, A Sound Of Thunder, Loveblast, Scars Of Armageddon, and countless others! We have had several lineup changes since then. We lost some and gained some. All I can say about that is that this current lineup is something truly special! Better than ever before! We have also met many many great friends along the way that I will always be grateful to know and call you guys and gals friends. Happy anniversary guys!!! Can’t believe it’s been nearly a decade! Stay tuned, folks. The new record is gonna slay!”

The current Shokker line-up consists of Tremont, bassist and co-founder Jorey Guillermo, drummer Dan Dash, lead vocalist David Kraus and guitarist George Sizos. Shokker‘s former singer Rachl “Roxx” Quinn handled the lead vocals on the band’s two albums.

Shokker performing “Justified” at Reggie’s in Chicago, Illinois, USA on October 5, 2018:

Shokker – Justified @ Reggie’s – Chicago, IL

Shokker playing Justified at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL 10/5/2018