Shokker members decide to put the band to rest

Shokker members decide to put the band to rest

The end has come for Chicago, Illinois, USA area rockers Shokker who have decided to call it quits after a decade of rocking and rolling. Shokker‘s classic line-up consisted of lead vocalist Rachl “Raxx” Quinn, guitarist Casey Tremont, bassist Jorey Guillermo and drummer Dan “Dash” Dacz, and it was the line-up featured on the group’s debut full-length album III released back in March 2017. Shokker also released a self-titled EP in July 2015 that featured Ben Silverman on drums rather than Dacz. Quinn left the band citing “personal issues” in July 2018 and the group seemingly never really recovered.

The following message was posted on Shokker‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“So the time has come to put the word out. With much deliberation, after 10 amazing years, we have decided to put the band to rest. It wasn’t an easy decision, but with the time that has passed we came to the realization that the band has run its course.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the past members who have been in our band over the years for their time and effort in helping us become the musicians, band, and people we are today:

Cherri Jax for being there with us in the beginning.

German Maza, who was our 2nd guitar player in the original incarnation of the band, for helping us get the ball rolling.

Ben Silverman, who originally played drums for us and did a lot of the driving around to help make everything we were able to do possible.

A big, tall thanks to our homeboy George Sizos for stepping up and filling our sound out, even tho it was late in the game.

A thank you as well to our man David Kraus for coming in clutch and saving our asses at a very desperate time.

A huge thank you to Sarah Teets II for stepping in at a desperate time as well and nailing a full set of our songs with only a months worth of learning the songs on her own and with only one rehearsal, making our appearance at Sirbaugh Acres in 2018 possible.

And of course, a resounding thank you to Rachl Quinn for moving all the way out to Chicago to be a part of something that was bigger than all of us. The 4 of us: her, Casey, Jorey, and Dan really had a chemistry that one usually only finds once in a lifetime. We did a lot of great things as a band and put out one hell of a record that we are still proud of today. Though things may not have ended in the way we all might have wanted, we will never forget the comradery we had, the holidays we shared, the extreme ups and downs a band faces, and the music we made together. It was a hell of a time. One might even say it was lightning in a bottle. We were a hell of a band and we sincerely appreciate her part in it. And if she doesn’t get a chance to see this, we hope somebody will let her know that.

A big thank you to David Martorana for giving us the chance to record on tape and dealing with us being sick the entire time. A massive thank you to the Scarnechia family for all the love, support and opportunities over the years. A huge thanks to Shane Merrill for always keeping us in mind and for all the great Reggies shows we’ve played over the years. And of course, a sincere thank you to Ron Onesti for his gracious hospitality and the chance to open for a few of our absolute favorite artists at the Arcada Theatre. And a big, warm thank you to all the other promoters, bookers, and venues for giving us the opportunities to play these last 10 years.

And of course a major thank you to all our wonderful parents and families who have given us the utmost, undying support, love, and patience over the years.

Our dear friend and mentor, Dean Tremont, would like say something as well:

“When my son Casey, Jorey, who I consider a third son, and the rest of the guys in Shokker first started, I spent much time early on guiding them through their first few years. I made sure to stress the importance of being a tight, cohesive musical unit and gave them the best advice I could. I watched them grow from kids fresh outta high school to the band they became. I cannot express how proud of them I am. Casey, Jorey, Dan, and Rachl had the type of chemistry that is rarely ever duplicated. I would watch them in total amazement as they would consistently deliver a great show night after night, always on their A-game, and always having fun while doing it. They are all so talented and they never let it get to their heads. We had a great time over these last 10 years. I wish them all much luck in the future. And to all the past members, I thank you as well.

I Love you guys and you’ll always be family to me.”

And of course, to our fans, friends, and fellow bands who have paid to see us, bought our merch, bought us drinks, fed us, played with us, lent us gear, took photos, or have supported us in any other way over the years..

we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all.

And with that, we shall see you all on the other side.


Shokker‘s “Adrenaline” video:

Shokker performing “Hammerhead” live at the M-Pre Party at Sonoma’s Bar & Grill in Columbia, Maryland, USA on May 3, 2018 (video by The Meister for Decibel Geek TV):