Shokker to record debut full-length album in two weeks

Shokker to record debut full-length album in two weeks

Shokker guitarist and founder Casey Tremont announced that Shokker will be recording their debut full-length album in two weeks.

shokker-photoThe following message was posted in part by Tremont on Facebook yesterday: “…Shokker is finally becoming the ultimate touring machine that I’ve always wanted! With the addition of Mr. Dan Dash on drums, we have become performance monsters! AND in 2 weeks, we’ll be recording our DEBUT (Yes, I finally mean that after all this time) record, ON TAPE!!! Beware of METAL!!!! BIG thanks to all who believed in me, and thanks for all the continuing support that my family provides me! Y’all rock!…”

Back in September 2015, Sleaze Roxx interviewed the Shokker band members at the time and asked about whether Shokker had ever released an album.

Sleaze Roxx: We’ll definitely be talking about Shokker’s current self-titled debut three song EP but it seems that the band was on the cusp of releasing prior EPs and/or albums a number of times. While going through the band’s Facebook page, I noticed mention of a four song EP back in February 2011, an eight song album called ‘Lipstick & Bullets’ in September 2011, a new track called “Gone” in June 2012, a song entitled “Lie No More” in October 2013, a song called “Saddle Up” in August 2014 and a new album called ‘Throw The Switch’ in November 2014. Did Shokker ever release an album prior to their self-titled new EP and if not, how close were you on those various occasions from releasing an album?

Jorey Guillermo: Through the different stages of the band, we did a lot of recording. As singers came and went, the band changed with each of their departures. We are all still proud of what we’ve written, but most of it stylistically just doesn’t fit with us now.

Rachl Quinn: We shelved most older material, and haven’t had an official release other than our three track EP we put out this past summer. We are in the middle of recording our full length album ‘Throw The Switch’ right now and plan to release it within the next year.

Jorey Guillermo: The three songs we chose for the EP were what we felt showcased the band the best. They were the hardest hitting and had our best hooks at that point in time.

Casey Tremont: As with everything, money limited us and we could only afford to release three tracks, although we have many more written. Ultimately, we feel it was a great decision, because we really needed a release to introduce our new singer.

Shokker‘s live performance at the Q Bar on May 1, 2016:

SHOKKER – live performance at the Q Bar (4K)

Benefit for Glen Dobbs at the Q Bar (5-1-2016)recorded with SONY FDR-AX33 HD Camcorder